AstroFX Forex course-Technical Analysis

AstroFX Forex course-Technical Analysis   By Shaun Powell and Aman Natt   What exactly is meant by fundamentals? Every day the markets see the release of important pieces of economic data. Be it the BOE (Bank of England) regarding Inflation or Job’s Numbers, the FED minutes, or US CPI or Manufacturing Numbers and Eurozone interest rates etc. This is what we call …

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David Dreman – Contrarian Investment Strategies – Beat the Market by Going Against the Crowd

The New Contrarian Investment Strategy Contrarian Investment Strategy Psychology and the Stock Market.  The Next Generation Beat the Market by Going Against the Crowd. By David Dreman Content : Part I Why Current Methods Don’t Work 1. The Sure Thing Almost Nobody Plays On Markets and Odds Great Expectations The New Conquistadors A Titanic Clash The journey Ahead 2. From Technical Analysis …

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Unlocking Volume Analysis Techniques By Todd Krueger

Unlocking Volume Analysis By Todd Krueger   Most traders don’t really know where to begin their educational journey. There are so many avenues that can be pursued that the entire process can seem overwhelming. Many traders who have traded for several years can remember the confusion surrounding the choice of which trading methods they would learn. Through about 24 years of …

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Tradeonix chart patterns profit by Russ Horn

Tradeonix chart patterns profit by Russ Horn What I will cover here are some of my favorite chart patterns that will deliver a higherthan- average probability of a successful trade.These patterns are reliable and many traders watch for these.Because of the number of traders waiting to trade these patterns, they have a kind of “self-fulfilling prophecy” thing going on. They are …

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Practical Trend Trading Made Easy


Practical Trend Trading Made Easy   By // practicaltrendtrading.com   Successful chefs don’t follow recipe books. In their head, they already have a deep understanding of each ingredient and what it tastes like when combined with other ingredients. Put a dish in front of an expert chef, and he can mentally break it down into its components and modify the recipe. And if he’s …

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Trendline Breakout Trading Strategy

Trendline Breakout Trading Strategy   By /// forextrendlinetrading.com   When trade moves by the amount that is risked, move your stop loss to break-even. This is the best practice to preserve your account. Don’t worry about getting stopped out. Better that you get stopped out with break-even trade than with a loss. There will be opportunities tomorrow. Or what you can also do …

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