Online trading indicators – beginners guide

Online trading indicators – beginners guide Online forex trading can be enjoyable and profitable, but you need some investing techniques to improve your chances of having success. You can use online trading indicators in conjunction with evaluating new information to improve your ability to generate profitable trades. But understanding momentum and sentiment, as well as support and resistance, you can …

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Set your stop loss by candlestick analysis

Set your stop loss by candlestick analysis A major human flaw, setting a stop, and then changing our mind when prices get near the stop price. That process defeats the purpose of setting the stops in the first place. Why do investors change their minds? When making irrational evaluations, investors will make irrational decisions. However in the heat of trading, …

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Becoming A Successful Trader – Learn Forex Trading

Learn Forex Trading

Becoming A Successful Trader – Learn Forex Trading   To become the master of any field you need to get a good knowledge and experience of that field. Similarly, to become a successful Forex trader you need to learn Forex trading well and apply the learning in the real time scenario. Trading is not just a process of selling or buying …

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Forex chart basics- time frames-trends-forex facts

Chart TIME FRAMES: Chart timeframes range between , 1 minute 1 hour , 1 day to 1 week. Larger time frames, tend to provide more reliable price signals. This means that a trend formation on weekly or daily chart has more weight than that of a 1 hour or 4 hour. A trading pattern on an hourly chart will have …

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Basic forex trading rules to make profits


The following section contains a number of basic trading rules. These are critical if you want to make profits. 1. Be prepared to lose some trades. There’s no escaping it, some trades may lose you money! You are betting and as it is with horses, dogs, football teams and stocks, Forex pair trading will result in some bets which may …

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Forex Education-Fibonacci Expansion

Fibonacci expansions levels      Fibonacci expansions are retracement levels beyond the usual 100%. If you are in a buy trade and price exceeds 100%, the expansion levels can be used to find a target. Supposing you have two waves that are in an uptrend, if you apply the Fibonacci retracement on wave 1, it can’t be used in identifying where wave 3 …

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