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The Forex Triple B Strategy-Vladimir Ribakov V3.5

The Forex Triple B Strategy by Vladimir Ribakov   Profitable “Semi-Automated” Trading At Your Fingertips! V 3.5   By // ForexTripleB.com   The idea behind this trading system is to ride the trend, the way it is shown on the BB. As you might know, trend riders belong to various groups. Some love to make a quick profit with part of the trade, then …

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Master the Markets trading with Volume Spread Analysis

  Master the Markets Taking a Professional Approach to Trading & Investing by Using Volume Spread Analysis Forex English ebook   Third Edition Published by TradeGuider Systems   Contents  INTRODUCTION   SECTION 1 – MARKET BASICS Random Walks & Other Misconceptions   What is the Market?   The Market Professionals   A Special Word About Market-Makers   Volume – The Key …

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Trade with MACD – Most profitable indicator

  The Moving Average Convergence-Divergence, or simply the MACD, is a trend-following momentum indicator. It describes the difference between two Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs). Basically, convergence occurs when the two EMAs are moving closer together as the difference between them gets smaller, while divergence occurs when they are moving apart because the difference between the EMAs is getting larger. The MACD …

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