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50 Pips A Day Forex Strategy by Damir Laurentiu

50 Pips A Day Forex Strategy by Damir Laurentiu   Price Trends You surely know what a trend is and you know that you see them on your charts over and over again. The trend is a core principle of the forex market or any market for that matter and should always be taken into account when constructing your trading …

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Practical Trend Trading Made Easy


Practical Trend Trading Made Easy   By // practicaltrendtrading.com   Successful chefs don’t follow recipe books. In their head, they already have a deep understanding of each ingredient and what it tastes like when combined with other ingredients. Put a dish in front of an expert chef, and he can mentally break it down into its components and modify the recipe. And if he’s …

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Rahsia BBMA Oma-Ally


Rahsia BBMA Oma-Ally Malay language Full course 9 GB Merupakan Singkatan gabungan 2 indikator yang terdapat di dalam perisian Meta Trader 4 atau MT4 iatu Bolinger Band dan Moving Average. Adalah indikator ‘Favourite’ yang lazimnya digunakan oleh para trader dalam menentukan arah pasaran.  Tuan Oma Al l y tel ah mengol ah semul a cara-cara penggunaan dan memadankan kegunaan kedua-dua indikator tersebut di …

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Forbi simple Forex System

  Forbi simple Forex System By // simple-forex-trading.com   It uses only 2 custom indicators (my improved strategy) and 1 filter indicator to avoid trading in flat market.The stops of this forex strategy are very tight (depends on trading timeframe) and the profits are relatively high (from 3 to 10 times higher than stops). Etc. stops on H1 timeframe is …

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Parabolic SAR (Stop & Reverse)

  Parabolic SAR (Stop & Reverse) The Parabolic SAR is a trend-following technical indicator that identifies the direction of a security’s momentum and serves as a trailing stop. It forms strings of dots shaped like a parabola. It’s called “SAR” (Stop and Reverse) because when reached by the price, it stops the current string and reverses to the other direction …

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Relative Strength Index RSI – easy and accurate indicator

Relative Strength Index (RSI)   The RSI is a momentum oscillator indicator , and it measures the speed and change of the price movement by comparing a market’s gains to its losses and plotting that on a 0 to 100 scale. Basically, if the RSI is less than 30, it means the market is oversold and the price will eventually …

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