john keppler workshop market profile
john keppler workshop market profile

Profit with the Market Profile by John Keppler

Profit with the Market Profile by John Keppler


Neither Candlesticks nor Bar Charts provide us with any information about value in a trading session.

We have no clue about what actually happened inside the candlestick or bar. We are missing vital information about actual market activity.

A market profile chart is plotted based on actual market trading activity. Prepare to look at the market in a new and different way! A market profile chart is made up of TPOs. Everytime a trade occurs at a price during a specified period of time, the  profile chart will print a TPO at that price.

 A profile chart is created when actual trading activity occurs at each price level. The Time Price Opportunity (TPO) is the basic building block of a profile. A period is comprised of a series of TPOs. The standard period for a daily session is 30 minutes. 

market profile chart

Market Profile Charts and Concepts are a powerful analytical tool that can be applied to any electronically traded market. Market Profile Concepts can be applied to Forex, Stocks, Futures, Commodities and Bonds. They are also suitable for position trading, swing trading as well as day trading.

Some traders mistakenly believe that since the Forex spot market is not traded on a central exchange, the Market Profile Concepts can’t be applied to the Forex market. Nothing can be further from the truth. While it is true that there is no central exchange for the Forex market, the profile provides a formidable and invaluable tool for the Forex trader.

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