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Receive the most Simplified, Condensed, and Powerful technical analysis trading education that will end all your days of being non-profitable and catapult you into a league of a trading career with accuracy enabling you to trade for some of the most prestigious Hedge funds in this taught out there. A proprietary method to trading that puts you light years ahead of the rest as has been proven by endless student testimonials posted on Instagram.

The power of correct volume analysis cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately the ability to read volume correctly is not readily discussed or freely available. Off-the-cuff remarks such as, -increased volume on advances is bullish and increased volume on declines is bearish” are bantered around but that’s as far as it goes. The correct use and application of volume can make for some quite startling insights into price action, especially when one is swing trading or leaning against support and resistance points or zones of confluence.

I set up my charts with a couple of extra volume measures. I use a normal volume histogram that can be found with almost all software packages. However, if there is a larger volume spike skewing the ability to read the volume properly I will edit the data accordingly. Next I add a 10-day moving average of the volume. This gives me a guide as to what is below average or above average volume on any given day. Lastly I add in a 2-standard deviation of the 20-day volume average. Essentially this is like the upper Bollinger band of the volume average. This shows me when ultra-high volume occurs.



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