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Forexmentor – The Advanced Forex Price Action Techniques


Forexmentor – The Advanced Forex Price Action Techniques


By //
Andrew Jeken

Section 1: Thinking Like a Pro
Course Objective
Think Like A Professional
A Trip To The Casino
A Trip To The Casino (Part 2)
Trading In Sample Sizes
Tracking Your Progress
Section 2: Market Structure & Tools
Market Structure & Technical Tools
SimTrade: Finding Major Price Swings
Order Flow – What Goes On At A Key Level
Key Support Zones – Double Bottom
SimTrade: Double Bottom/Double Top
How to Use Candles/Bars
Refining Key Support & Resistance Zones
SimTrade: Refining Support & Resistance Zones
Fibonacci Retracements – Up Swing
Fibonacci Projections – Up Swing
SimTrade: Fibonacci Projections
Combining Fib Retracements & Fib Projections
SimTrade: Combining Fib Retracements & Projections
Trendlines & Channels
Putting it All Together – Power of Confluence
SimTrade: High Probability Trading Levels Using Confluence
Section 3: Patterns
Introduction to Chart Patterns
Head & Shoulders
SimTrade: Head & Shoulders
Inverse Head & Shoulders
SimTrade: Inverse Head & Shoulders
Bullish Gartley
SimTrade: Bullish Gartley
Bearish Gartley
SimTrade: Bearish Gartley
Bullish Bat
SimTrade: Bullish Bat
Bearish Bat
SimTrade: Bearish Bat
Bullish Butterfly
SimTrade: Bullish Butterfly
Bearish Butterfly
SimTrade: Bearish Butterfly
Bullish Crab
SimTrade: Bullish Crab
Bearish Crab
SimTrade: Bearish Crab
Bullish Base
SimTrade: Bullish Base
Bearish Base
SimTrade: Bearish Base
Head & Shoulders Broken Down
Butterfly Completes the Gartley
SimTrade: Bullish Gartley Inside Bullish Bat
SimTrade: Head & Shoulders Inside Bat Pattern
Section 4: Entry, Money Management , Profits
Trade Entry
Trade Management
Where to Take Profits
Section 5: Rangebound & Trending Markets
Trading A Range Bound Market
Trading a Trending Market
Section 6: Resources
Resources Overview
Forex reviews
Intermarket Correlations
MNI FX Bullet Points
Forex Tester
Section 7: How I Approach My Trading Day
Pre Trade
Section 8: Recap
Bonus Sim Trades
Bat Sim Trades
Butterfly Sim Trades
Base Sim Trades
Gartley Sim Trades
Head & Shoulders Sim Trades
Crab Sim Trades

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