Forex Bible-The Key to Understanding the Forex Market For Successful Trading

Forex Bible: The Key to Understanding the Forex Market

Learn How To Earn: A Comprehensive Approach To Forex Trading From Successful Forex Trader And Profitable Forex Educator
Created by Gabriel Nazarian 

I’d like to show you this single step and help you to start your thousand miles journey through this course by teaching you the basic elements and concepts of fundamental analysis. We’re going to learn about basic techniques of using of fundamental analysis in our trades.

Before you engage with this course, you should know some basic skills such as how examine the economic condition? Or what is the role of central bank and what factors will concern them? And how you can find the market focal points?
Do you know why those elements are very important for us as traders?
Because central banks dominate the financial markets and financial markets in the most of the time reflect the economy condition.

For answering to the above questions, you need to know how economy is working, and how central banks try to provide best situation for business growth, and because this course should be a concise guide for all traders with different backgrounds, I will short a long story, but you need to understand them well, for this reason, I put some special source on the course that you can easily reach them and expand your knowledge in some cases that you need more depth.

The answer is really simple you have to know how the economy works to analyze the financial markets then find the investing opportunities. Let me explain more, who is controlling the market and dominate it? Unlike equity market, Forex market is highly affected by central bank’s policies and how they face with macroeconomics problems.


On this course :

Why construction data
The most important construction indicators
Keynes theories and modern Forex market
Why Michigan consumer index
Why employment is very important
The most important employment indicators in Forex
Phillips curve definition
NFP report and Forex market reaction
True correlation between GDP and unemployment rate in Forex market
Factory and durable goods under scrutiny
All you need to know about factory and durable goods
The ISM report and its place in Forex
The true definition of inflation and deflation
Its not deflation
Central banks and inflation indicators
The most important indicators of this section
Whats the rule of central banks in Forex market
How to understand the Forex market
A real example of momentary policies
Prepare yourself for making huge profit
Purchasing power parity theory


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