Trading is not about making fast cash

Trading is not about making fast cash Many people believe that currency trading is a fast cash profession. People only need to invest and they will get the rewards magically. This is never going to happen because the market is difficult to understand. Even with the best technology, investors fail to identify the trend. Most traders don’t know that professionals …

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The fundamental technology behind Cryptocurrencies

The fundamental technology behind Cryptocurrencies Introduction: Blockchain technology is one of the most revolutionary advances in the digital age and is causing seismic shifts in various sectors. It has opened up new ways to deal with the issues of intellectual property and financial transactions in this highly digitized and globalized world in the wake of this devastating pandemic. Popular usage …

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FX Trading Beginners’ Guide – How to Use Demo Trading Efficiently

benefit of FX demo trading

FX Trading Beginners’ Guide – How to Use Demo Trading Efficiently Starting to trade in the Forex market comes in hand not just with potential benefits, but also with a lot of challenges each trader will need to overcome. As a result, proper education and preparation should be completed before starting to invest hard-earned money.  Trading on a demo account …

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The Difference Between Overlays and Indicators

Technical analysis is the study of historical prices that help a trader forecast future price movements.  There are several different ways to look at historical price movements including evaluating patterns, looking at averages, as well as evaluating studies. When a trader analyzes price movements in forex trading they will occasionally look at overlays and indicators.  What is the Difference Between …

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What You should know before trading binary options

About binary options Today on the Internet you can find a great variety of information related to binary options trading in one way or another. A huge number of different articles say that in a short period they will teach anyone who wants to quickly make money on the difference in exchange rates. At the same time, it is proposed …

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Basic Principles of Technical Analysis in the FX Market

The basic principles of technical analysis in the FX market play an important role in currency analysis. Every trader needs to be able to carry out technical analysis. Read on for more on what technical analysis is and how you can make it part of the overall trade analysis for optimal marketing timing. Technical Chart Analysis – What’s it? FX …

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