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Candlestick and pivot point trading


Candlestick and pivot point trading triggers by John L. Person


Contant :
CHAPTER 1 Trading Vehicles, Stock, ETFs,
Futures, and Forex
CHAPTER 2 Determining Market Condition:
Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral
CHAPTER 3 How to Read Oscillators to Spot
Overbought or Oversold Conditions
CHAPTER 4 Momentum Changes: How to
Spot Divergence or Convergence
CHAPTER 5 Pivot Points: Determine Key Price
Support and Resistance Areas and
the Importance of Confluence
CHAPTER 6 Pivot Point Moving Average System
CHAPTER 7 Candle Charts and Top
Reversal Patterns
CHAPTER 8 Setups and Triggers: Combining
Candles and Pivots
CHAPTER 9 Risk Management: Setting Stops
CHAPTER 10 Projecting Entry and Exit Points:
Learn to Scale Out
CHAPTER 11 The Sample Analysis: The Proof
Is in the Back-Testing
CHAPTER 12 Confidence to Pull the Trigger
Comes from Within


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