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Product Name: Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner
Author: Mike N.
Compatible: Any Metatrader 4 broker
Software Type: Forex Patterns and Signals Scanner
License: Lifetime
Price: USD 197
Official Website: www.zenithharmonic.com/Scanner

Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner is Financial Trading Signals Alert Software. The Software is built on a Reversal strategy that exploits the Harmonic Patterns.
Background of Harmonic Patterns Trading.
Harmonic Trading Patterns (are also known as Gartley patterns after the trader/author who wrote the book on the subject).


In 1932, H.M. Gartley composed a book called Profits in the Stock Market where he distinguished a 5 point design he had found.

This data was later improved by Larry Pesavento, who composed a book called Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition, where he applied Fibonacci ratios to the Gartley example to more readily distinguish sections and exits.

At long last, in his book “Symphonious Trading”, Scott Carney acquainted the exchanging scene with different option Gartley Patterns:

For example, the Crab, the Bat, the Shark, the 5-0 however the most well known are the Gartley, butterfly, bat, and crab designs.

Furnished with this data, brokers are presently ready to begin drawing these examples on their graphs, Along with the related Fibonacci lines, And discover winning exchanges on actually any and each outline they exchange.

Stocks, commodities, indexes, FOREX, Options, All of these speculation vehicles are liable to Gartley diagram example moves.

Using Harmonic Patterns to Create a Winning Trading Formula
recognizing these chat patterns isn’t as simple as taking a speedy look and after that hopping into a trade signal.

You have to make sense of some accurate top and base costs to work with,

Alongside either some value disparity or some strong lines of over bought and oversold areas

And after that you have to make sense of the material Fibonaccis for sections and exits.

At that point you simply need to play out a similar errand for the various 30 or 40 sets in your foundation.

Over the 1H, 4H and 1D time spans.

Not all that alluring presently, is it?


Try not to stress, there is a straightforward answer for this heap of work:

Introducing the Most Intuitive Harmonic Patterns Scanner

Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner (ZHPS) is as a the name proposes a Metatrader 4 signals scanner dependent on Harmonic Patterns.

Anybody can make a scanner, yet the hidden procedure is the thing that decides whether its a triumphant framework or not..

The technique behind ZHPS is one that we have tried throughout the years and we continue improving.

The way of thinking behind the methodology is that, Nature itself is cyclic and in each aspect of life, its simple to distinguish dreary examples that may match to a limited degree.


There are 40+ settings on the Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner that could impact a traders experience and results. So there can be as a lot of change on results as there are traders.

I will concentrate on the Key ones:


One may add however many PAIRS or Instruments to be scanned as they wish, presently there are 30 pairs on Default. Anyway one can include or subtract any instrument to be scanned on metatrader:

Spreading over, Forex, Indices, SpotOIL, Shares UK, Futures, Shares EU, Crypto, Commodities, OIL, Bonds, Shares US, Gold, Silver, Energy and whatever else instruments your MT4 broker accommodates for trading

*To check 30 pairs takes 3 to 5 minutes, we suggest keeping it at 30 sets generally 100s of instruments may set aside a serious long effort to examine..

Time Frames

The default Timeframes are H1, H4 and D1 – we took in the higher time allotments have a higher winning rate than lower ones. lower TF’s can likewise be utilized, though I prescribe M15 to be the most reduced one can utilize..


There are 3 take benefit levels: TP1, TP2, TP3, the default is TP2 yet one can go with any.. Lower TFs ought to go with TP1 which has less pips anticipation.


This number shows precision of patterns. The best accuracy rate is between 85 and 90.


The BE setting is in rate, which is in connection to Take Profit. For instance if the Take Profit is 100 pips and BreakEven is 60% – this implies is an exchange gets to +60 pips the Stoploss moves to Entry Price (consequently BreakEven)

Halfway CLOSE

This setting is in percentage, for instance if PartialClose is half and the Lot Size is 1 Lot. So when an exchange moves to BreakEven 0.5 Lot of the trade is exited

NB: Combining BreakEven and Partial Close can result to a “No Loss” Strategy. In the event that you have a TakeProfit of 100 pips and Break even of 30% pips, you simply should be sure of a trade direction by 30 pips..


with basic settings as depicted above, implies there can be the same number of winrates as there are traders utilizing Intuitive Forex Patterns Scanner.


The software auto-update when set to True will give a trade free updates for as and when there are changes in the software


Zenith Harmonic Patterns Scanner is the most consistently profitable, intuitive, user-friendly trade assistant software available to retail traders today. Get a copy and you will be glad you did. 




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