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Trading with Ichimoku Clouds
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Japanese Candles” is a phrase that is well known among the trading cammWlity. If the phrase is searched on the Internet, 3,810,000 searches are available in the Google search engine today. In comparison, if Ichimoku” is searched, 141,000 searches appear, which is quite a difference. Steve Nison brought Japanese Candlesticks to the Western world and did a greatjob illustrating how it can be used to become a successful trader. He left a huge mark on the trading community, and today institutions down to the average retail trader use Japanese Candlesticks in some form or fashion in their technical analysis.

This book brings Ule next phrase of Japanese technical analysis to the Western world, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.” Ichimoku Kinko Ryo is a system Umt has been used successfully throughout Japan for years but never has progressed fOr\vard in the Western world. If a trader combines Japanese Candles with Ichimoku Kinko Byo, a powerful system is available to him or her. In fact, it increases the probability of trading drastically and can be  evidenced by trading in a “paper” account after reading this book Japanese Candlesticks will not be discussed further in this book and any additional  infomlation regarding this topic is avaiJable through Steve Nison’s books and training seminars.


Content :

Components of a Trading System
Ichlmoku Components
Tenkan Sen
Kijun Sen
Chikou Span
Kumo Cloud Components
Senkou Span A
Senkou Span B
Kumo Cloud
Ichlmoku Trading Plan
Strategy Description
EURUSD-A Two-Year Backlest
Summary-Two Years of Backtesting
Examining the Backlest Results
Optimize Trading Plan

lchimoku Strategy
Ichlmoku ‘I’tme Elements
Ichimoku Time Elements
Doug Laughlin
Is It as Easy as Just Being Taught a New System?
The Problem We Have with Getting in Our Own Way
Is There a Conspiracy Against the Small Trader?
Traders Myth-Smart People Make the Best Traders
Losing Trades Are Acceptable
A Successful System Will Fortify Your Convictions
Self-Sabotage and How It Applies to Your Trading
In Summary-Trader Psychology Overall
Consequences of Trading without a Trading Plan
Trading Plan
Ichlmoku Anulysls Sheet


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