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T2 university-FX Pro Trader

  T2 university-FX Pro Trader   By // old.t2university.com/fxprotrader Videos : 1 getting started 2 brokers 3 developing your trading style 4 structure intro 5 basic patterns 6 Reticular Activating System 7 market wizards Why you lose 8 NAC defined 9 RSI & Divergence 10 strat lab RSI & div. 12 basic ratios 13 fibonacci retracements 14 fibonacci extensions 15 fibs …

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Price Action Easy – learn price action trading

  Price Action Easy ebook  – learn price action trading   By // priceactioneasy.com   – Price Action Intro Most of the traders are not capable to setup a proper technical analysis. Vast majority of traders don’t know the basics of price action, they can’t properly read the info off  the chart and they keep using served strategies without knowing their background. …

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