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How to Become Profitable in Forex Market

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How to Become Profitable in Forex Market Traders should learn about the market to make profits. If they can gain the proper knowledge, it would become easy for them to get the success. But, sometimes, traders do not take the trading seriously. Due to this reason, they can’t make money. They should try to learn about the discrete points of …

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Basic Principles of Technical Analysis in the FX Market

The basic principles of technical analysis in the FX market play an important role in currency analysis. Every trader needs to be able to carry out technical analysis. Read on for more on what technical analysis is and how you can make it part of the overall trade analysis for optimal marketing timing. Technical Chart Analysis – What’s it? FX …

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Barry Thornton’s Long Candle-strong moves in the market.

Barry Thornton’s Long Candle-strong moves in the market. As this course is called the long candle course I think it would be a good time to make sure that everybody understands the basis of Japanese candles. Japanese candles give a good visual summary of the path the price took during the single (one) time span of the chart. If we …

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50 Pips A Day Forex Strategy by Damir Laurentiu

50 Pips A Day Forex Strategy by Damir Laurentiu   Price Trends You surely know what a trend is and you know that you see them on your charts over and over again. The trend is a core principle of the forex market or any market for that matter and should always be taken into account when constructing your trading …

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Fibonacci Golden Zone Strategy

Fibonacci Golden Zone Strategy Leonardo Pisano developed a simple series of numbers that created ratios describing the natural proportions of things in the universe. And these numbers have been used by traders now for many years!    Your charting software should come with a standard Fibonacci retracement tool; however, you are the one that puts this on your chart.  The bottom line is that many traders use this tool which is why it is highly important to have a trading strategy that uses this.  You are going to need to know where to apply these fibs. You will need to place them on the swing high/swing low.    A Swing High is a candlestick with at least two lower highs ​on both the left and right of  itself.  A Swing Low is a candlestick with at least two higher lows ​on both the left and right of itself.  A quick thing to remember about this: if it is an uptrend you want to start with the swing low and drag your Fibonacci level all the way up to the swing high. If it’s a downtrend you start with the swing high and drag your cursor all the way down to the swing low.  Now, what if we told you there is a simple way to draw the Fibonacci retracement levels on your price chart.    What if everything is done automatically?    Well, our team at Trading Strategy Guides has developed a proprietary Fibonacci Golden Zone indicator that once placed on the chart it will instantly plot the Fibonacci retracement levels of the last swing.  You’ll not need to pick by yourself the swing high/low levels as the Fibonacci Golden Zone indicator will do the job for you.  Forex traders identify the Fibonacci retracement levels as areas of support and resistance.  Because of this, the levels are watched by many traders, which is why the Fibonacci Golden Zone strategy could be a difference maker to your trading success.    The Golden Zone is represented by the price area between the 38.2% and 61.8% Fibonacci retracement. Obviously, the 61.8% is the most critical number in our strategy.    Now that we’ve learned the importance of the Fibonacci retracement levels and why they work in analyzing the financial market let’s have a look at the rules of the Fibonacci Golden Zone Strategy.    Attached : Fibonacci Golden Zone DashBoard.ex4 Fibonacci Golden Zone.ex4 Fibonacci Golden Zone.tpl Fibonacci Golden Zone manual.pdf Available for …

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AstroFX Forex course-Technical Analysis

AstroFX Forex course-Technical Analysis   By Shaun Powell and Aman Natt   What exactly is meant by fundamentals? Every day the markets see the release of important pieces of economic data. Be it the BOE (Bank of England) regarding Inflation or Job’s Numbers, the FED minutes, or US CPI or Manufacturing Numbers and Eurozone interest rates etc. This is what we call …

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