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NewScienceOfForexTrading- system by Toshko Raychev

Newscienceofforextrading By newscienceofforextrading.com Toshko Raychev   By Toshko Raychev : : I can assure you the big banks and funds have the latest trading technology. Stuff we haven’t even ever heard of. That’s how they like it. Because they know that the market is moving faster than ever and the old technology and methods just can’t keep up. It makes perfect sense when …

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New Science of forex Trading-RapidTradeFinder

New Science of forex Trading Rapid Trade Finder System By // newscienceofforextrading.com Toshko Raychev LONG ENTRY RULES:  1. Cloud is colored Blue showing an uptrend going on at the moment. 2. Price falls towards the blue cloud and touches/penetrates it, or better closes in it. 3. Long entry is opened when white arrow appears. 4. Stop Loss goes a few pips below …

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