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Extreme FX profit indicator and EA by Kishore M


Extreme FX profit indicator and EA  by Kishore M By //  extremefxprofit.com   -Whenever there is profitable trade detected, it will automatically pop-up an Order Window for you to enter the trade. Target profit & stop loss are automatically set for you. -Easy-to-setup automated Buy/Sell arrow indicators on your trading chart -Over 90%++ winning accuracy (proven live-trading record) -No trading experience …

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The Fibo Code trading system

The Fibo Code trading system   By // thefibocode.com We will go through each details of Fibo Code Trading Strategy covering indicators, parameters, entry/exit rule and Limits.  Currency Pairs : Fibo Code is a robust strategy that could be used over diverse currency pairs. The strategy has proved to be profitable over multiple pairs however when starting out with this strategy it is recommended …

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Forex Sunrise indicator

  Forex Sunrise indicator   By Den Murakami from Japan. denmurakami.com   About Forex SunRise Indicator : Forex SunRise Indicator works on major currency pairs, from M15 to H1 timeframes.        This tool has Buy Hall & Sell Hall and Indicator line. Buy/Sell Halls lines based on support & resistance calculation. As for indicator line – it’s based on moving …

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