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Harmonic Dashboard Indicator-Powerful Harmonic Patterns

Harmonic Dashboard Indicator-Powerful Harmonic Patterns By // harmonicdashboard.com The indicator displays all detected patterns on ONE convenient dashboard. And it recognizes all of the best harmonic patterns: Gartley, Butterfly, Bat, Cypher, Crab, and Shark…   You no longer need to manually scan every pair and time-frame. The dashboard does all the hard work for you.   With just one look …

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FSO_Harmonic Scanner

FSO_Harmonic Scanner   The FSO Harmonic Scanner System V2 has a sophisticated correlation engine that is able to show a projection about future price action to confirm the harmonic pattern, based on the correlations identified in the dealer trading history. Since correlation engine displays the future and not the past it has some pretty amazing effects on our psychology as …

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شرح نماذج الهارمونك – Harmonic Patterns

الهارمونیک , التوافق , التناغم Harmonic Patterns شرح الاستاذ شادى عبدة  مقدمة :  الهارمونیک , التوافق , التناغم مفردات تدل على شئ مرن و رائع لمن یعمل به , و لکنه یظل دائماً بعید عن أعین المبتدئین لانهم یعتقدون انه معقد و لکنى ادعو من یتهم هذا الفن الرائع بالتعقید ان یحاول الخوض فى أسراره الواضحۀ !! بعیداً عن اى تعقیدات …

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