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virtual-trade-monitor-v2.1   There are a few new options in the config dialog: 1. AutoDetectPairs (true/false). If set to true, the Virtual Trade Monitor will test, if your broker supports the original currency pair set or the alternative and selects the appropriate one. If set  to false it will use the alternative (IBFX) pairs, but you can overwrite them under “Custom Sell Pairs” …

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megatrendfx Nitro version 5.00

MegaTrendFX Nitro + version 5.00   By ///  megatrendfx.com               wyfxco.com   Check old versions from Nitro indicators   March 20, 2015 – A new interim update is being coded that will add new Display Modes. New Metatrader 4 Build 765 increased the overall size of the One Click Panel. New Metatrader 4 Build 769 now adds …

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NITRO+ Forex Indicator wyfxco full

  NITRO+ Forex Indicator wyfxco full   By // wyfxco.com megatrendfx.com Dynamic Forex, Equity, Commodity, CFD, Bonds, BitCoins, and Futures Indicator – Multiple Time Frame Aggregation Tool Free Download  NITRO+ Forex Indicator wyfxco full.rar : WYFX ClearChart.mql4 WYFX ClearChart.ex4 WYFX NITRO+.mql4 WYFX NITRO+.ex4 WYFX NITRO+Lo.mql4 WYFX NITRO+Lo.ex4     Free Download   Manyetik Semra from switzerland (  ) sent us this system.   Did …

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FAT V3 forex tool

  FAT V3 forex tool   By // fat-forex-profits.com FAT Trade Manager is the Expert Advisor (EA) for the MT4 platform that will help you open trades easily with a simple keyboard key shortcut like Alt+4 for BUY trades and Alt+5 for SELL trades. It is called manager because it will manage your trade after it is opened using this software. …

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speed Ometer Pro

  SpeedOmeter Pro   By mt4exclusive.com/speedometer   Free Download speedOmeter Pro.rar :speedOmeter_PRO.ex4speedOmeter_tick_chart.ex4speedometer.tplspeedOmeter.ttf ( Font )speedOmeter_PRO.pdf   Free Download   Mr Eza Fontana from Indonesia (  ) sent us that system.   If you find that topic is useful , please click on share in your social networks to support Forex winners.

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Probability Meter

ProbMeter_v1.1 , forex tools

  Probability Meter indicator   The Probability Meter gives the most probable way where the trend is going. Because it is based on current feed and is updated each coming tick, this is a great tool for scalping or short term trading style. The global result in percent (%) is calculated with a strong formula according to the 5 indicators listed below.   Probability_Meter indicator.rar :ProbMeter_v1.1ex4Probability_Meter_info.pdf   …

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