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The Complete 12 Week Transformation Techniques & Strategies

The Complete 12 Week Transformation Techniques & Strategies   Structure Analysis & The NSH/NSL Principle Fibonacci Ratio Analysis RSI & ATR Trend Continuation Trading The CTS Trade The 2.618 Trade Advanced Pattern Recognition   Double Tops/Bottoms : The double top/double bottom is a simple pattern that is used by traders looking for a counter trend trading opportunity. This pattern can …

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forex profit with macd full course forexmentor

Forex Profit with MACD full course From ForexMentor   From : forexmentor.com/macd             Frank Paul You will learn : How to identify MACD crossovers as reversal setup signals How to distinguish between valid and ‘fakeout’ signals How to use MACD crossovers to identify counter-trend setups and trade their resolution How to use divergence signals on both MACD and …

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MarketMastered Trade With a Day job system-book

MarketMastered Trade With a Day job system English book By // marketsmastered.com   Content : 1. Disclaimer 2. Important Message 3. Introduction 4. Trading Goals 5. Trading Psychology 6. Forex Money management 7. Trading Platforms 8. Demo Trading 9. Configuring your chart 10. The strategy (part 1) 11. The Strategy (Part 2) 12. Important Rules 13. Targets & Stop-Losses 14. Trends 15. …

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John J Murphy – Charting Made Easy-book

John J Murphy - Charting Made Easy , free , read

John J Murphy – Charting Made Easy Forex ebook pdf By John Murphy   Introduction : Chart analysis has become more popular than ever. One of the reasons for that is the availability of highly sophisticated, yet inexpensive, charting software. The average trader today has greater computer power than major institutions had just a couple of decades ago. Another reason for the popularity of charting is …

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AFStar Trading System

AFStar Trading System   Time Frame: 30 min Currency pairs: majors (example: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/NZD) AFStar Forex System rules: Long entry Price touches or is below line D1 Support C , is between D1-H4 support C or below H4 support C. Buy arrow AFStar indicator ; RSI Petraus black line positive divergence RSX green color …

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T2 university-FX Pro Trader

  T2 university-FX Pro Trader   By // old.t2university.com/fxprotrader Videos : 1 getting started 2 brokers 3 developing your trading style 4 structure intro 5 basic patterns 6 Reticular Activating System 7 market wizards Why you lose 8 NAC defined 9 RSI & Divergence 10 strat lab RSI & div. 12 basic ratios 13 fibonacci retracements 14 fibonacci extensions 15 fibs …

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