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Bollinger Bands indicator

  The Bollinger Bands is a momentum indicator that gives an excellent visual representation of the market’s volatility. When the market is quiet, the bands are much closer together, but when the market is very volatile, the bands are far apart. There are three parts of this indicator: a 20 period Simple Moving Average (20 SMA) found in the middle, …

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Trendlines and Channels- Draw a manual Trend line

Trendlines & Channels As mentioned earlier, a trendline is a straight line drawn over the price to connect the swing highs in a downtrend, or under the price to connect the swing lows in an uptrend, to represent the main direction of price and to identify areas of support and resistance. Pivot points are essential in drawing trendlines. Pivot points …

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GBP/JPY and the support line


  GBP/JPY and the support line   GBP/JPY is near to break  its support at 125.90 and is now testing its shortterm up trendline. Hourly resistance is at 126.80 let is see if will touch the moving line to rice for 126.80 or will continue its up trend.     If you find that topic is useful , please click …

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