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Cynthia’s Signal Entry Stop scalping system

Cynthia’s Signal Entry Stop scalping system Dots-Guppy-m5   With this scalping system variation a 5 minute chart is used instead of a 15 minute chart. All the Guppy averages have been adjusted accordingly. This enables Cynthia’s stop to be used. With the original, Sonny used the DOTS stop and then moved it up as per his rules. Cynthia’s stop enables the initial stop, most times, …

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The Engulfing Trader Training Series

The Engulfing Trader Training Series By // forexreviews.info/5-day-trend-trading-course/      Check the other products by  Timon Weller   There is one element on the charts that is always there. That element is structure or what many refer to as support and resistance. To many this is a way overlooked subject. If you are new to the Forex market or to any market it …

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