Risk Management FXmentor

Risk Management FXmentor
Know Where You Live !


By:  forexmentor.com/risk
     Peter R. Bain


Operating Instructions and Pertinent Information:

The following pages of this manual contain examples of each worksheet and comments that explain the various entry fields, output results and Hot Spot actions for the “Know Where You Live” Risk Management software product. It would be beneficial for you to page through the Adobe Acrobat® PDF manual and read each comment prior to watching the videos.

Each spreadsheet cell that contains a small Red Triangle in the upper right corner contains a comment relating to an associated cell or range of cells.

When your mouse floats over the top of a cell with a Red Triangle the comment pop-up box will
appear to the right of the cell.

Hot Spots:
Whenever your mouse floats above a Hot Spot the cursor will change to indicate that you have the option of clicking on the underlying spot to perform a helpful action.

As an example by clicking on the center of the title page you will move to the first active cell on “Risk % Goals and Results” worksheet.
Redundant Comments:
To reduce redundancy we have left out duplicate entries for related cells in a range (i.e. I have included a section of the worksheet titled “Tracker Cur A”. One comment serves to provide an explanation for the next five cells that are named “Scale Out”).


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