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Hawkeye traders system-Pattern recognition-Standard deviation

Hawkeye traders system
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Volume price analysis
Standard deviation
Pattern recognition

The Fatman indicator is only used when trading forex. It looks at 13 currencies which are divided into each and which are then weighted according to the Hawkeye algorithm. Only the following currencies are displayed on the indicator :
EURO :  green /      AUD    :  red      / GBP   :  orange         /CAD   :  yellow
USD    :  cyan /       NZD   :  blue     / JPY   :  magenta       /CHF   :  white

Hawkeye Heatmap Indicator :
The Hawkeye Heatmap indicator gives us a visual signal of market sentiment, and at any time will reflect one of four colors. The two most important are bright green for bullish sentiment and bright red for bearish market sentiment. When the markets are in transition or consolidating sideways, then the Heatmap will display as a dark red or a dark green.
The Heatmap indicator is a graphical example of what all three trend speeds,  conservative, normal & aggressive are doing on a single timeframe. When all three trends are in place, then the trend is either bright green or bright red. When one or two of the trends click out, then the Heatmap indicator goes to a dark green or dark red color.
It’s called the Heatmap because it is an immediate graphical representation of the strength of the trend, and therefore whether the market momentum is in your favor for a low risk trading opportunity.  

Free Download Hawkeye traders system.rar :
Hawkeye Fatman.ex4
Hawkeye Grabba Auto.ex4
Hawkeye Grabba Long.ex4
Hawkeye Grabba Short.ex4
Hawkeye HeatMap.ex4
Hawkeye Levels ATR.ex4
Hawkeye Levels ATRdn.ex4
Hawkeye Levels ATRup.ex4
Hawkeye NoProgress.ex4
Hawkeye Pivots.ex4
Hawkeye Trend+Stops.ex4
Hawkeye Volume.ex4
Hawkeye Wide Bar.ex4
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Hawkeye Levels Set Start.ex4 ( Paste in scripts )
Hawkeye Fatman.tpl
Hawkeye Full.tpl
Hawkeye Original.tpl


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