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Gann Made Easy-William Mclaren

Gann Made Easy ebook
By / William Mclaren


Read in this book :
In the years since W.D. Gann’s career ended, many people have attempted to duplicate the prediction and trading capabilities which he became known for. Gann used many techniques, some of which are simple and easy to understand, while others are more obscure. What becomes apparent from a quick overview of the man’s history is that he did a prodigious amount of work.

His papers, accumulated over a lifetime of study, filled an entire moving van when they were purchased by Billy Jones. From this one fact, it can be said that there was no single technique which produced the results that Gann used in his trading.

Today you can find many individuals who claim to have found one simple key that was the cornerstone of all of the predictive work which Mr. Gann accomplished. But the “secrets of Gann” are many numerous faucets of the man’s work, and no one, without the support of others, works accurately and well all of the time.

If your reason for reading this book is to find that one secret, possibly the ” magic square”, or the Jupiter – Saturn aspect, which gives you a perfect trade every time, then you will be disappointed. The purpose of this book is to give you a grasp of the charting techniques and knowledge of time which Gann, and others since him, have used successfully in determining key dates and price levels in the future.

Also, I want to give you enough knowledge to be successful in your own trading. The method presented herein, if used properly, is very accurate in predicting months, weeks, days, and even the five minute period into the future which will change the direction of the price movement in a stock or market.


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