FxToplist is testing the best Forex robots, expert advisors and trading signals

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FxToplist is testing the best Forex robots, expert advisors and trading signals 


It’s pretty new, but very ambitious site of reviews and testing of advisors. FxToplist.com have conveniently combined things which were not made by none of the other similar sites. They’ve got two tables in trade statistics:

1. Testing Forex robots on their demo accounts

2. Proven seller’s account statistics EA

The unicity in that the statistic allows you to conveniently compare the results with each other:





The guys from FxToplist promise to open a real account every three months and set a combination of the best advisors which they are tested. It’s very interesting to see trading results of such portfolio.

Also they’ve got some more things which don’t have another review site.
They have
sign of quality guarantees 
the veracity of vendor’s statistics for trader and for the seller it’s increasing consumer confidence in his advisor/signal. You can see the charts of trading in the table and visually compare them, without going to the each page of the trading system. Web site design is modern and pleasant and very important that there aren’t a lot of different ads throughout the site, which are inherent to sites like this. Menu on the site is divided into two parts: testing Forex trading robots  and testing Forex signals.



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Trading foreign currencies can be a challenging and potentially profitable opportunity for investors.

Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

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