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ForexRacer professional Renko System


ForexRacer professional Renko System


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Summary of enter rules
Always enter the trade 1-2 pips bellow/above retracement or breakout line.

Exit Rules
Study trade examples bellow for all rules.
1. FR-Trend indicator change color.
2. Brick (candle) change color.

StopLoss Rules
Never work without StopLoss.
By default use approximately 50 pips and then calculate StopLoss more precisely.

Little tricks
95% of time those currencies goes on same direction and predict each other.
About 70% of time London and NY sessions change trend direction – be careful.
Exit and enter points not only indicators set up matter but also time matter.
For Intraday trading we recommend brick size 10 (default).
For Positional trading change brick size to 30 (in your EA inputs).
If you trade EUR/USD or GBP/USD always keep open 2 charts.(EUR/USD, GBP/USD)
Trade the pair on which you see more clear picture.

Free Download ForexRacer professional Renko System.rar :
indicators : FR-BreakOut.mq4
scripts : RenkoScript.mq4
experts: RenkoExpertAdvisor.mq4


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Md Sabbir Ahmed From Bangladesh  ( forex winners ) sent us this system.


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