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The FOREX (i.e., FOReign EXchange) market is an international market where the money (currency) of every country is sold and bought freely. It was launched in the 1970s at the moment of introduction of free exchange rates, and the price of one currency against another that occurs from supply and demand is determined only by market participants.
There is no external control, and competition is free because all the participants can decide to transact or not. In this respect, the FOREX is a perfect market because it can’t be controlled or monopolized by any of its participants. The enormous number of transactions executed day after day in a continuous activity make it the biggest liquid financial market.
According to various assessments, money masses in the market constitute up to US $4.5 trillion a day.
This market has seen recent turnover as high as US $6 trillion in a day, and the average most recently has been hovering at around US $3 trillion a day. The exact figure can’t be determined because the transactions are not centralized on a single exchange.

Content :
 Part 1 The Basics 
1 What You Must Know to Get Started 
Back to the Basics: A History of the FOREX 
FOREX versus Stocks 
FOREX versus Futures 
2 Major Currencies and Pairs 
The U.S. Dollar 
The Euro 
The Australian Dollar 
The Canadian Dollar 
The British Pound 
The Swiss Franc 
The Japanese Yen 
The New Zealand Dollar 
The Dollar Index 
The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) 
Gold CFDs 
Crude Oil 
Cross-Rate Currency Pairs 
Exotic Currency Pairs 
Chinese Yuan or Renminbi 
Swedish Krona 
Norwegian Krone 
The Iraqi Dinar 

3 Anyone Can Learn the FOREX 
Opening a Position 
Trading on Margin 
Managing a Position 
Closing a Position 
Pips and Lots 
The Lot 
Order Types 
Where Is the Market Going? 
Stops and Targets 
Spreads and Swaps 
Technical versus Fundamental 
4 Preparing Yourself Adequately before Jumping
into the Market 
FOREX Trading Accounts 
Choosing a Broker 
Who Trades the FOREX? 
What Kind of Trader Am I? 
Trading Techniques 
The Trader’s Levels of Ascension 
Part 2 Money Management 
5 The Secret to Making Money 
Are You Really Fit to Trade in the FOREX Market? 
Trading Plans 
Rules and Discipline 
How the Market Works 
Rules for Working with the Market 
Paper Trading 
6 How to Keep Your Profits 
Money Management 
Managing Risk 
Leverage and True Leverage 
Overtrading and Overconfidence 
Trade Expectations 

Part 3 Trading Psychology 
7 Mastering Emotions 
Emotions of Trading 
How to Get Out of a Bad Trade 
Become a Pro 
8 Mind over Matter for Huge Profits 
Power of Networking 
Part 4 Fundamental Analysis 
9 Economics 
What Does Economic Release Mean? 
Fundamental Analysis 
Dow Theory 
Fundamental Indicators 
Japan’s Monetary Policy 
FOREX Currency Carry Trade 
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 
Trading the News 
What Are Contrarian Indicators? 
Part 5 Technical Analysis 
10 Technical Indicators 
Technical Analysis 
Types of Charts Showing Price Action 
Trend Indicators 
Market and Volatility Indicators 
Understanding Oscillators 
A Unique Indicator: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo 
11 Technical Patterns 
Chartism Patterns 
Reversal Patterns 
Continuation Patterns 

Elliott Waves 
Harmonic Price Patterns 
Trading Naked (Only Price Action) 
12 Support and Resistance 
Moving Averages 
Other Indicators 
Entering Positions 
Exiting Positions 
Pivot Points: Do They Work? 
Psychological Levels 
Using Multiple Time Frames 
Trend Is Your Friend 
13 Automated Trading 
Expert Advisors and Automatic Programming
Interfaces (APIs) 
Advanced Robots: Neural Networks in the FOREX 
Part 6 Building Your Portfolio 
14 Secrets to FOREX Diversification 
FOREX Options 
Spot FOREX Options 
FOREX Futures 
FOREX Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) 
Contracts for Difference (CFDs) 
Indices (Securities) 
15 My Favorite Ways to Trade 
Basic Oscillator-Based Strategy 
Basic Moving-Average Crosses 
Trading Gaps 
Daily High-Low 


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