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Forex Morning Trade

Forex Morning Trade

by Mark Fric 
My Forex Morning Trade System has proven to be a very successful system for me, and I am confident that after you finish reading this manual and practice trading it for few days, you too will be ready to start making real money successfully in the Forex market.

Before taking you through the system step by step, I will give you a short overview of the Forex Morning Trade System.
The system is relatively simple to learn and to use; it is throughoutly tested and gives very good and stabile results. In fact, I had almost no loosing month for the last 20 months.
It is ideal for busy people, because trading the system won’t take you more than 5 or 10 minutes a day. Really, this time is enough to check for the trading signals and set up the trade.
Your trading day will look as follows:
 At 5:30am (GMT time) you look at the charting platform and decide if you’ll open the trade (more on the rules later)
 If the conditions are met, you’ll simply place a trade and walk away. That’s all. You don’t need to sit in front of the screen, monitoring your positions. The trade will either hit profit target or stop loss automatically.
The only “drawback” of the system is that you have to get up at 5:30 GMT time, but we always have to sacrifice something to be successful in life, right? 

In the next sections I will show you how to install and set up the system, how to use it to enter and exit the trades, how much capital you need for trading, how to manage your risk and so on. 

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