Forex Holy Grail

Forex Holly Grail

Hey guys,

If you have been in forex trading for more than a week, you will have heard of the legendary HOLY GRAIL of trading. The Holy Grail is characterized as a trading system that never loses, only has winners 100% of the time. The perfect entry signals followed by the perfect exit signals.

Once you get your feet wet, new traders have a tendency to go on the hunt for this legendary trading system. They try all the indicators they can find, messing with different settings and different combinations. They think that they will be the one that will discover that perfect combo. To many traders get lost in this search that they forget about trading. This leads to system hopping and never sticking to one system long enough to make it work.

This version of the Holy Grail doesn’t exist, it can’t exist. It would mean that the Holy Grail would have to be able to predict the fundamentals in the world. These fundamentals are events in the world that make the market move… natural and un-natural disasters, bank defaults, huge money transfers, unexpected business transactions, the million and one things that effect the market. Since no technical system can factor in these real world events, no trading system can work 100 percent of the time.
So if this Holy Grail can’t exist, what would be the “Real Holy Grail”?

In our personal land of Forex, I consider the Holy Grail to be not the perfect system, but instead, a great trading system with great trade management and great money management combination.
These 3 aspects put together, sprinkled with a heavy dose of personal discipline, can make a trader rich. This is the Holy Grail of trading… any trader who is a success, I believe, will tell you the same thing.

What is your Holy Grail of trading?

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