Five Candle Mastery indicator

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Five Candle Mastery indicator

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If you are just starting out trading Forex, Stocks, Bitcoin, Options, Futures, then you just landed on a goldmine because this is what you have been looking for!
This is a great indicator for the serious trader looking to save time or even the newbie trader who is just starting out. The reason it will work so well for a newbie trader is that not only will you learn a solid profitable strategy that could produce a consistent win rate but also you will learn how to risk your money the right way without blowing out your account!

You need to completely understand right now why you need this unique Five Candle Mastery Indicator. This indicator is the final puzzle piece you need to be a full time trader.


One of the main elements of an indicator is that it shows price movement on a chart in a visual way to help the trader decide what is currently happening with the price action. Now whether you prefer a bar chart, a line chart, or a candlestick chart (recommended) they are all designed to help you see what the price is currently doing.
If we use the definition of the indicator itself there is no reason why we should not be using indicators to our advantage as traders. It is going to show you an additional indication of where price is going and what price is going to do in the future.
The 5 Candle Mastery Indicator Will Works Equally as Well for Scalpers, Day Traders, and Swing Traders.  



Thanks for Anastasia Kondratiuk from Russia who sent us this indicator.


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