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Best Forex EA Reviews

Best Forex EA Reviews

Are you new to the concept of Forex EAs? Good! Allow me to define, a Forex EA is a program
that you can install on your trading terminal and it can follow any instruction you set as a trader.
One of the biggest markets for forex ea’s is found at the mql4 community website of over 10
million members. Read on to learn about the best Metatrader Robots or Forex EAs.

Basically, the term Forex Robot and Forex EA refers to the same thing, also known as
automated trading. There are two types of Robots: the first one is a completely automated
system; this means that the creator of the robot puts a set of rules and conditions on a program
script and gives full trading control to the script.

The second variant of a Forex robot simply highlights potential opportunity areas through the
parameters set by its creator, with this type of script the trader must execute trades manually.
This includes the setting of profit targets, stop loss targets and position sizes.

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Evident by google search I know a lot of Forex traders worldwide asking: Do forex robots really
work? What is the best forex robot? Which forex robot is the most profitable? Are there
profitable forex robots?

Are you asking yourself the same questions? I hope so because that’s the only reason we
brought this article to your attention. Let me tell you about the sources of live trader stats I’ve
seen so far: I have an account at myfxbook community, these guys have a very clever system
that does not allow members to manipulate results. Other live stats sources include the mql4
community and the forex factory community.

I also have a couple of broker accounts; the truth is that I don’t really know how many. The point is that some brokers do share their best trader stats on certain conditions, for example if you register as a trading signal provider, your results get published. The main goal of the industry is to create transparency.

Other brokers which are also sources for trader live stats include: Instaforex, CM Trading, and
surely there’s more pardon me for only mentioning the ones I’m using. The reason I’m telling
you about all the sources I’ve seen that can provide you with live trader stats is that no one in the world can satisfy the question” Are there any profitable forex EAs?” for you. You have to find out the answer on your own.

What is the Best Forex Robot?
That’s a very tricky question for me, seriously? The thing is I’m a provider of copy trade signals,
I love a robot that takes multiple trades and is able to sustain them at a profit. On the other
hand, I like to keep low risk and believe that many trades lead to a lot of commissions paid to
the broker.

There’s this one time I was digging into one of Al Brooks’ first books, he said “Even with a 50% success rate you could eventually build success from Forex”. Makes no sense right, especially if you believe the only way to make a lot of money in forex is to be gaining 50% and above out of
your deposit every month.

He went on to say “Most successful traders make fortunes while making less than 10% from
their deposit. I don’t want you to wander around like I did, here’s my tip: provide services if you want to be rich in Forex Business.

The best forex robot is simply the one which makes the most money. But let’s face it, even the best of the best forex robots will not make you rich. Imagine starting a crowd fund managing
company and using the retail forex market as your means to grow your customers’ money.
Sounds expensive right? Well, it is expensive but the cost is only a fraction when you want to
open a Hedge Fund Firm. Now imagine you had 5 robots and running them on multiple
platforms offering both copy trade service and money management.

Give your customers freedom to copy trades from any of your robots, that 100% monthly return
you desire from your own deposit can be outsourced keeping you less exposed. In short there
are probably hundreds of profitable robots, one of my favorite is the wallstreet forex robot.
Pardon me for making you dream, but you should try thinking out of the box more often. It’s a good habit. Out of five trading robots, provided you follow the recommended settings and
deposit for every robot; I’m confident you’d make a fortune either slowly or fast depending on
your imagination and limitations you set for yourself.

Wall street EA is currently the beast, also extending its code for the Ctrader platform. This robot was created by the fxautomator company. Check it’s latest equity trend tested live on myfxbook community.


There are many other profitable robots you can pick, some are very expensive but some are actually on a good budget. For more about automated robots catch Almond @


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