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Benpuzzy Forex

Benpuzzy Forex system


Benpuzzy Forex system

By Benjamin Mbeyi from Nigeria

How to use :
Allow the Blue Coloured MA to Cross either above or below any of the Yellow or Green lines to Either Buy or sell as demonstrated on the attached chart.

Exit your trade once you see a counter signal
Take profit is at your own descretion but must not be lesser than 50pips.
Remember to always adjust your stoploss to your entry price once price has gone 20pips in your favour.

The Psychology of Giving to be Successful :
The next concept I am going to share with you is probably the most obscure.
But, for many it also holds the most truth on their road to success. The concept is deeply based on the psychology of our subconscious minds (which I’m not going to get into), and it is one that you will have to choose to believe for yourself.
If you ask yourself right now why you aren’t rich, what would your answer be?
In this case I am going to answer the question for you: The only thing holding you back is you.
Now let me share the concept with you: It is likely that you are holding yourself back because you aren’t generous enough. If you’d only give more money away you would receive more!
The concept is based on a number of ideas. Whether you choose to believe this concept or not there really is a correlation between giving and generosity and our ability to receive (and yes I did say ability to receive). One of the biggest things that hold people back is internal conflict, and the easiest way to overcome that conflict is to simply become more generous.
To expand upon this idea let’s look at the way that someone who is wealthy tends to think in comparison to someone who isn’t.
• A wealthy person thinks of resources as a way to create and find value
• A poor person things about how to get resources
• Someone who is wealthy see’s that they have control over their own situation
• A poor person feels that they are the victim of circumstance
• A wealthy person sees a situation over which they have no control as an opportunity to solve a problem.
• A poor person sees situations which they cannot control as a problem.
The difference in the way of thinking is very important here. Someone who is wealthy see’s their wealth as a tool to create resources, to create happiness, and they realize that they control their own situation. The poverty minded think in terms of being a victim. 


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