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Attacking Currency Trends How to Anticipate and Trade Big Moves


 Attacking Currency Trends How to Anticipate and Trade Big Moves in the Forex Market


By //  Greg Michalowski
John Wiley 

CHAPTER 1 Stereotyping the Retail
Currency Trader
They Think Trading Currencies Is Easy
They Have Too Much Fear
They Lose Money
They Are Too Fundamental (Not Technical Enough) They Don’t Know
Enough about Key Fundamental
Requirements They Fail to Anticipate Trends Don’t Be Like the Rest …Change!
CHAPTER 2 The Six Attributes of a Successful
Currency Trader
What Are You Good at Doing?
There Will Always Be Peaks and Valleys 1. Skill or Aptitude 2. Practice, Practice, Practice 3. Know Your Risk 4.
Create and Execute a Plan 5.
Control Your Fear
6. Be Greedy Enough
A Foundation for Success
CHAPTER 3 The Mission Statement
A Team of One A Two-Part Mission Statement Finding Trades That Satisfy
Your Mission Statement
The Importance of Staying on Trend
CHAPTER 4 What’s Your Game Plan?
Every Mission Statement Needs a Game Plan Trade the Trends Keep Fear to a Minimum Never Underestimate a Strong Foundation
CHAPTER 5 Rules for Attacking the Trend
Rule 1: Keep It Simple (but Stay Positive) Rule 2: Have a Reason to Place a Trade Rule 3: Be Picky about Your Tools Rule 4: The “If . . . Should” Rule Rule 5: Look Ahead, but Not Too Far Ahead Rules Rule
CHAPTER 6 The Trader’s Toolbox
Rules for the Tools How to Use Fundamental Analysis The One Thing We Can Agree On: Price The Tools
If I Had a Hammer
PART II Tools and Strategies
CHAPTER 7 Moving Averages
What Is a Moving Average? How to Use Moving Averages

Time Frames for Analysis Anticipating a Trend Managing a Trend Managing Profits Trade Setups The Push That Gets the Market Going
CHAPTER 8 Trend Lines and
Remembered Lines
Bullish Trend Lines Bearish Trend Lines Channels: Highways to Ride the Trend Flags and Pennants Finding the Golden Ticket Remembered Lines Simple but Effective
CHAPTER 9 Fibonacci Retracements:
The Hybrid Tool
Introduction to Fibonacci Placing Retracements on a Chart Using Fibonacci Retracements Trading Shorter-Term Corrections Using the Tools to Your Best Advantage
CHAPTER 10 Preparing for the Trade

First Things First
Analyzing the Charts A Composite View of the Clues “IsItaBoyoraGirl,Doc?”
CHAPTER 11 Executing the Game Plan

The Kickoff: The Entry Trade Managing the Trade Finding Clues in the Consolidation Phase


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